Welcome to my CADCAM page. Over the years I have been fortunate to learn multiple CAD and CAM programs. I started off using CADKEY and from that software, I manually wrote CNC Programs. As time and technology progressed, I became proficient modeling parts and assemblies using AutoCAD/Mechanical Desktop while still programming parts manually. Things progressed even more when the company I worked for purchased multiple seats of SolidWorks along with a seat of SURFCAM for 2.5 and 3 axis programming. AHHH...No more manual programming. I quickly became an expert CNC Programmer with SURCAM software programming anything from handles and levers to Surfboard molds. You can view some of the completed parts I have programmed and machined by looking at my Machining page. In my last position I had the luxury of learning yet another CAM program called CAMWorks which is an add on to SolidWorks. Though I cannot show any of the parts I have programmed, below you can view some video examples I created just for this page .

CNC Programming Simulation using CAMWorks

I chose to program this part from the SolidWorks library. It is only a 2.5 axis programming but it has a lot of nice pockets and cutouts to use for a demo.


For this example I modeled my own logo with SolidWorks and programmed with CAMWorks